N1 Support

Necessary support

Recommended to customers who need to interact with a qualified team to get rid of bugs, while taking advantage of the technology and consequently improving their performance.

We offer training that reduces the learning curve for our customers.

We open and monitor calls throughout the platform.

The identification of possible bugs, and consequent improvements for the store evolution.

* Available only for VTEX Customers.

Where is it applied?
  • Definition of the number of hours used on the development of Front-end Vtex;
  • Guidance on the use of tools for Back-end Vtex;
  • API Vtex tools;
  • Assist on the configuration of Google Analytics;
  • Access to online documentation;
  • Access to VTEX online help community;
  • Support to modules PCI and Logistics;
  • Access to status check enviroment and Integrity of platform modules;


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