About us

Group Companies

After many years working with high end technology for leading companies in different markets, a very close group of professionals decided to get together to make a difference in other companies in our market. This way CBYK was created, by a group of specialists that offer a unique experience in financial segments, telecommunications, insurance, airlines, pharmaceutical and retail. Sharing knowledge and promoting changes by focusing on greater results for our customers.

We believe that a company has a bigger chance to succeed when it has the right information in hand, and makes the best use of its available resources. Changing data into action and positive final results integrated with suppliers and customers. Processes, professionals, tools, channels and software should be in tune and aligned in order to generate bigger results for businesses, all through the productive chain, from suppliers and regulators, to employees and final customers.

We can count on professionals from different areas, who worked in large companies, in positions where they could promote changes and learn to deal with the operation as a whole. We have been developing our knowledge and competence for many years, now we want to offer the benefit of this experience to your company. We want to give you the necessary advantage in the digital world, which will help you to prevail in an extremely competitive market.

Our team is composed of business architects, analysts of processes, software engineers, systems architects, programmer analysts, data scientists, statistics professionals, SEOs, web designers, project managers among others. They all work and think together in how to overcome your challenges.

Who we are

We are a digital marketing agency focused on e-commerce. We were established to attend a growing demand on e-commerce projects, purchase experience, technology solutions and customer service in retail and industry. We use VTEX and WordPress. We are partners with Google and Facebook, we also have a partnership program to find different solutions.                         


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